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The first time I knew something was off was when I saw my Dad get out of the shower in my early teens. I was never given an official diagnosis of micropenis while growing up. While I wanted to date and was horny as could be, I knew sex was out of the question.

I didn't have a real girlfriend until I was in college. She got impatient [with the lack of sex] and jumped me one night.Eating more protein than you want will never assist you to create muscles faster. When his penis is flaccid, it’s retracted ‘like an innie navel’ and when erect, it is under three inches long but with ‘an incredibly small circumference.’ Here, he tells Gareth May his story.Eventually, I started stealing dirty panties from friend's sisters and hot moms so that I could touch and smell something that had touched their pussies.I masturbated a lot: five times a day through adolescence was average and sometimes much more.

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