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Royal Copenhagen today is a producer of craftsmanship and design with a contemporary international profile, selling products that delight collectors and new generations of customers worldwide.

Indiens og Pakistans konflikt om Kashmir har varet, siden de to lande blev selvstndige i 1947.

Gnther Adolphsen Hellig krig i Kashmir Pris: 198 kr.

Men hvordan beskriver man s en generation, der ikke vil beskrives?

Indtil det skrmmende, kritiske punkt i historien, hvor det gr op for moren at hendes datters liv er i fare.

Er de en flok zappende, apatiske, netvrkssgende, pornoficerede, egopromoverende og overstimulerede individualister?

He was an expert chemist who specialised in mineralogy, and since the early 1770s he had been experimenting with hard feldspar porcelain made from quartz, kaolin and feldspar.

This was the secret Chinese recipe, which had been recreated by Meissen in about 1710.

Krogs first task was to breathe new life into the factorys great original service, Blue Fluted.

He then developed a new technique for painting under the glaze, which made it possible to depict landscapes and apply other naturalistic decorations.

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