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She recently released her debut single called “Life is Good.” The daughter of Megadeth lead singer Dave Mustaine spoke with FOX411 Country about why she chose country over heavy metal and what advice her famous dad have for her.FOX411 Country: Why country music and not heavy metal? FOX411 Country: Did your father offer you any advice?Seemed like a fun night, even your family joined you guys on stage…Could you have predicted this 30 years ago? I’m not sure why, I don’t have the answers…but we have the original lineup, people are still excited about seeing us, hearing us, buying tickets and buying albums and supporting what we do. I love making albums like that, and this was an opportunity to do just that. Your solo music, as well as Stryper’s, is hard and heavy, yet, a positive message still comes through just in more of a visceral way. Yes, and not only through the lyrics themselves, but also even if you were to turn the vocal off and there was just the music itself, the tracks…it’s important that the tracks are lifting you, energizing you, making you want to move, smile and have a good day…all of that stuff is important.

About —your memoir—did you write it for you to process your experiences or for the fans? I wanted to put it out there because there had been so many misconceptions over the years—people thinking this happened, when it didn’t, or that didn’t happen, when it did. It was therapeutic for me to write that and get it all off my chest.Borrowing the title from their hit single, “Honestly,” he attempted to tell the band’s story as well as his own.Aside from writing a book and making music with Stryper, Sweet expands his musicianship with a slew of solo endeavors.We try to communicate, talk, work through our issues and our differences. She’s young, but working with people young like that helps to keep me young as well.And we try to take care of ourselves, you know, we pray, we read the Bible, we talk…I think it’s communication. Now that you’ve matured, you communicate a bit differently than 30 years ago… But, again, we have our days where we get up and say, “Grrr, good morning…” and we want to get away from each other. How supportive of your solo career—including your new album, —is the band? So you guys are back on the road rockin’ leather pants and all, but what is different, if anything, this time around?

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Electra Mustaine: I think to each his own and my dad and I both grew up very differently. Mustaine: I was very fortunate to have grown up with my him as my father and in the household because he’s done a lot, had a lot of platinum records, awards…He’s offered me just invaluable advice about…how the business works and things to look out for, things to make sure you pay attention with, and then songwriting.

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