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Frodo (프로도) is one of the more complex Kakao Friends.Sure, on the surface he’s a spoiled dog from the big city who can get a little bossy.Despite the fighting, they still know deep down that they’re better together, and they can’t stay mad at each other for long. Are you trying to put a little argument behind you with your friends? Apeach (어피치) is a sexy peach brought to life who is perfect for your texts that are fun and flirty.If so, think about using Neo and Frodo to help you share what is really going on with you! Apeach was brought to life by the ambitious scientist Con, and spends its life dancing around and acting out mischievous pranks on the Kakao Talk Friends.If you tend to be a dynamic person who can quickly go from calm to angry when a situation gets intense, Tube is perfect for you!

The Friends are an intriguing bunch that can help you bring laughter and life to your messages with their very different and complex personalities.Few things have evolved as much as text messaging within the past couple of years.While cell phones used to be devices primarily for calling others (and occasionally using the handy built-in calculator), they have quickly become a way to be in constant communication with loved ones throughout the day.Kakao Talk, a wildly popular messaging app, makes texting even more dynamic.Emoticons are half the fun of texting – sometimes words fall short of strong emotions and you need a little help!

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