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I am planning on leaving the company in the next month and I am considering if I decline an exit interview altogether, given this policy.

I’d like to help the company; it is a nonprofit that does some good work, while also struggling to meet the needs of employees.

He knows the hiring manager’s lawn guy, and the lawn guy has offered to give the manager my friend’s resume instead of my friend applying online. Should my friend take the lawn guy up on his offer?

Does he just cut his lawn, or is the relationship deeper than that?

But the store should give you all some guidance about how to handle customers who complain about smaller-sized women working there, even if it’s just to say that you all love fashion, regardless of size.

(They should have better messaging than I do, but I’d imagine it would be something along those lines.) 2.

I had a work friend leave the company recently and I knew right away what quotes were hers.

Heck, every time we’ve had someone leave the department, I’ve been able to tell what quotes were theirs.

They do remove names, but we aren’t that large of a company and people tend to do very specific jobs, so it makes it fairly identifiable.Here’s a description of how I’ve done it in the past. what would you do differently if you could do it again?The key, though, is to really probe into whatever answers you receive to the sent-in-advance questions. ) or otherwise you may just end up getting canned answers that won’t be very useful to you.I’d love to provide some feedback, but I don’t want my coworkers knowing exactly what I said.I’m not going to say anything bad, but I will say where the problems are in my experience.

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