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“My good friend,” said he, “when I wrote that passage, God and I knew what it meant.It is possible that God knows it still; but as for me, I have totally forgotten.” This story can be expressed in many ways and instances before 1826 may exist. Well-known writers such as Harriet Beecher Stowe, Mark Twain, and G. Chesterton were amused enough to record the remark. No doubt “The Barretts of Wimpole Street” was fictionalized, but I wonder if Browning did make a remark of this type. Quote Investigator: This comical anecdote has an extensive history with similar comments attributed to Johann Paul Friedrich Richter, Jakob Böhme, Johann Gottlieb Fichte and others.The word “uninteresting” was replaced by “unintelligible”, and the phrase “it is possible” was transformed to “it is probable”: The Works of John Paul Ritcher are almost unintelligible to any but Germans, and even to some of them.

To illustrate her point she presented a story about Johann Gottlieb Fichte: It is said that Fichte, the celebrated German philosopher, who practiced this cloudy and indefinite style, was once applied to by an admirer to explain one of his sibylline passages. Fiske lauded Hegel as “unquestionably one of the clearest, strongest, and most consecutive reasoners that the world has ever seen.” But he also noted complaints that the deep thinker was sometimes unintelligible, and in a footnote he presented an instance of the anecdote tailored to Hegel while disclaiming it as a myth: The story is current that on being asked to explain some difficult passage written years before, the great metaphysician gave it up in despair, saying: “When I wrote that passage, there were two who understood it.—God and myself. ” A myth, no doubt, but crudely characteristic, like most myths. The anecdote used the alternate appellation John Paul Richter. Boldface has been added to excerpts below: The works of JOHN PAUL RICHTER are almost uninteresting to any but Germans, and even to some of them. The earliest instance known to QI appeared in a London newspaper in 1826 and featured the German writer Johann Paul Friedrich Richter who died shortly before in 1825.Aktoriaus dukterėčia Maina Gielgud yra garsi baleto šokėja. rugsėjį pradėjo mokytis Vestminsterio mokykloje, kurios menų klasėje puikiai atsiskleidė dailėje, grįžęs namo piešdavo užsklandas žaislų teatrui. 608, ISBN 978-0-8264-1403-8 Gielgud, John; Mangan, Richard (1994), John Gielgud’s notes from the gods: playgoing in the twenties, Nick Hern, ISBN 978-1-85459-105-0 Gielgud, John; Mangan, Richard (2004-04), Richard Mangan, ed., Sir John Gielgud: a life in letters, Arcade Publishing, p.Būdamas 16 metų nusprendė tapti aktoriumi ir 1921 m. 598, ISBN 978-1-55970-729-9 Morley, Sheridan (2002), John Gielgud: the Authorised Biography, Simon & Schuster, p. (1989), Acting solo: the art of one-man shows, Moonstone Press, p.

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