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Through these observations, this article contributes to the ongoing legal and political discourse on reforming the Constitution and the electoral laws that began with the National Unity Government Agreement. Jacobsohn’s theory of constitutional identity to better understand the dynamics of constitutional identity in the era of globalization.The extended theoretical framework features the relation of constitutional globalization to the change of national constitutional identity.The company's fee collection methods led the JFTC to issue it a cease and desist order under the Antimonopoly Act.JASRAC subsequently initiated the administrative review process, which was the Complaint Review Procedure at the time, and the case was eventually appealed to the Supreme Court of Japan.Although there is convergence in the adaption to socialist constitutional identity among the five socialist countries due to the impact of constitutional globalization, there are four divergent models which these countries adopt to react to the global impact on their constitutional identity, namely constitutional globalism (Vietnam and Laos); constitutional exceptionalism (China); constitutional isolationism (North Korea); and constitutional reservationism (Cuba).

The analysis reveals that the formation of cross-ethnic coalitions under the runoff clause does not necessarily eliminate the likelihood of ethnic tensions during or after elections.

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In addition to this definition, the Court considered not only the text of the law, but also (1) the meaning and purpose of the law and (2) the character and the context of the interests for deciding whether a person other than the addressee has an interest protected by law.

The Court ruled that a party who is not a direct addressee had standing to sue if they are likely and unavoidably to be directly damaged because of the infringement of fair and free competition in the market, and if the damage would be substantial.

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